TD Solutions for Businesses

TD Bank offers the full suite of borrowing tools, investments, and banking products for institutional clients, small and large businesses, and individual customers.  From LOCs, mortgages, and credit cards – to certificates of deposit, IRAs, and money market accounts, there are standard and custom products for customers with different requirements and credit profiles. TD Bank also offers international services, government banking, lines of credit, and other banking solutions designed for commercial and institutional clients.

Toronto-Dominion offers consumer cards with airmiles and rewards, cash rebates, and free additional cards. Platinum and premium cards feature aeroplan miles, welcome bonuses, and merchandise. Bank clients are offered rewards in different categories, including personal care, fitness, and accessories. Cardholders earn points toward gift baskets, accessories, watches and jewelry, and other items.

Participating retailers feature electronics such as TVs, readers and tablets, computers and computer accessories, cam recorders and cameras, and other products. Points can be exchanged for power chargers, GPS, games, and household items such as

  • outdoor accessories,
  • hair care,
  • cleaning supplies,
  • car accessories, and
  • tools and appliances.

Retailers feature kids products and accessories, including toys and baby strollers. In addition to flexible redemption options, customers benefit from annual fee waivers, no annual fees, and low APR based on credit rating. Clients are offered exclusive flight rewards depending on their mileage level. There is an option to donate miles to active campaigns and charities. Cardholders also enjoy access to hard-to-get tickets and special events, season tickets, food and beverage credits, and other perks. The bank offers other specialty cards as well, including low interest rate, cashback, and airmiles cards that earn points on grocery shopping, gas, and other purchases. Customers with excellent credit can choose from cashback, low interest, and other cards. Those who are new to Canada or have less-than-perfect credit are offered secured cards. Toronto-Dominion offers secured cards to international students, foreign workers, temporary residents, and customers with poor credit.

Businesses are offered specialty cards that offer the option to request employee cards. Business cards feature benefits such as no redemption fees, competitive rates, attractive rewards, and cash statement credit. The bank offers business rewards cards with office and travel rewards, including cruises and flights, drawers, fire chests, and others. Points can be redeemed for flights and range from 25,000 to 250,000.